Initially constructed in 1904, the Lambert Automobile Company was the second manufacturing facility for the Union Automobile Company in Union City, Ohio. The Union Automobile Company name was discarded in 1905, and the Lambert Automobile Company became the new name. Who later used the Union automobile to create a higher-quality vehicle.


John William Lambert, a pioneer in the automobile industry, founded The Lambert Automobile Company. Its headquarters were in Anderson, Indiana. In the eleven years between 1905 and 1916, the company made cars, farm tractors, fire engines, and trucks. But the company’s flagship item was the Lambert vehicle. Although the firm always produced its engines, the machines were by several independent motor builders. These outsourced motors were always of Lambert’s design and originated from companies like Buda, Rutenber, Continental, Tarbert, and Davis. The interior upholstery was of the highest caliber, and Who applied fifteen coats of paint to the body’s final finish.

Lambert created the first “Lambert” car in 1906. Lambert positioned himself as one of the era’s most prosperous automakers with this statement. Instead of using shaft drives, the majority of his autos were chain-driven. From 1906 to 1910, the production of cars and trucks increased to 2,000 units annually. The company employed over a thousand people in 1910; between 1910 and 1915, annual production amounted to roughly three thousand automobiles. In 1916, it only produced a little over a thousand cars; in 1917, it only had a few.

Through the Buckeye Manufacturing Company, which had many subsidiaries, the Lambert Automobile Company produced the Lambert vehicle. The friction gearing disc drive transmission was one of the centerpieces of the Lambert car. In 1917, the mill was transformed into a national military facility when the United States entered World War I. The company later produced military fire engines, caisson wheels, and ammunition shells. When the war was over, Lambert did not start making cars again. He understood that only huge manufacturers would be able to produce cars. In 1922, The Buckeye Manufacturing Company permanently ceased producing auto parts.


As of the year 2008, there are four Lambert cars that are currently known to exist. Every summer, Ohio City, Ohio, hosts Lambert Days.

The Indiana-Ohio State Line also runs down the middle of the city street that divides Union City, Indiana, from Union City, Ohio. Before the invention of ZIP Codes, all mail was sent to the recipient via an Indiana Post Office during the time of the Union Automobile Company. Most of the Union Automobile Company’s marketing and addresses will list Union City, Indiana, as its mailing address.

The Lambert-Parent mansion was by George Lambert, the illustrious John William Lambert’s brother. The name comes from George selling it to his brother-in-law Wilder Grant Parent in 1898. The house is recognized by the National Register of Historic Properties and is located at 631 E. Green Street in Union City, Ohio. The Lambert brothers collaborated in their enterprises, which here set in grain operations, autos, and engines.

Former typeAutomobile Manufacturing
FounderJohn William Lambert
HeadquartersAnderson, Indiana, United States
Area servedUnited States
ProductsVehicles Automotive parts

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