Review of the Undone Batman Watch with Promo Code

Review of the Undone Batman Watch with Promo Code

Welcome back to another Singaporean review, everyone! I’m evaluating the Batman: Caped Crusader from Hong Kong microbrand, Undone on this shiok Saturday.

The Caped Crusader (shown above) and the Dark Knight are two timepieces created by Undone in honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary. The timepieces, which marked the brand’s first partnership with DC, were wildly popular when they were first released (there have since been quite a few more). The Undone Batman watches are again available on their website after being out of stock. We’ll see whether it’s any good.

The brand Undone

Undone has previously been covered here as a brand. In that piece, I explored Undone’s philosophy and my perspective on the customization process, albeit the customer has been dramatically enhanced over the years. Please read the article above if you’re curious about the history of the Undone brand.

Undone Batman Construction Quality

The Undone Batman’s construction quality is almost identical to the Undone Urban watches I’ve previously evaluated.

First, the K1 crystal of the Undone Batman watch is domed and toughened. As I’ve stated in previous reviews, I’ve always believed that one of the Undone mecha-quartz series’s flaws is using a domed K1 toughened mineral glass rather than sapphire crystal. But, this isn’t a deal-breaker because many companies (like Seiko) don’t employ sapphire crystal on watches at this price point either. You don’t need to worry about the Undone Batman watch coming into touch with water because its WR rating is advertised as 50M elsewhere.

Second, the Undone Batman watch is powered by the same Seiko VK64 mecha-quartz movement used in some Undone Urban looks. For those unfamiliar with mechanical quartz movements, a mecha-quartz movement combines the features of a mechanical clock with the precision (and affordability) of a quartz movement. It also eliminates the need to wind the watch. Pushing the watch’s bottom, you can instantly reset the clock with the Seiko VK64 movement Pusher. 

What Undone states

Despite what Undone states, the Seiko VK64 is not a flyback chronograph movement. I have repeatedly made this point in several of my earlier evaluations, but regrettably, Undone continues to promote the trends this way. Although quickly resettable (without pausing first), the second-hand does not continue timing after reset like it would in a genuine flyback chronograph movement. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a fully mechanical flyback chronograph, you should look at watches with 4 figure price tags, most likely from Longines or Baume & Mercier, which are at least four times as expensive as the watch we have here.

The black Cordura strap with the Undone Batman I received was this model’s standard strap. Cordura straps are one of my favorites because of their lightweight yet robust qualities and breathability, as mentioned in previous reviews. In addition, I especially liked the signature titanium buckle, which complements the titanium case nicely.

The Grade 2 Titanium Undone Batman

The Grade 2 Titanium casing of the Undone Batman is distinctive since it is made of pure titanium, not an alloy (unlike the more typical Grade 5 Titanium). Because titanium is more challenging than steel, the watch’s titanium case is lightweight without sacrificing durability. The Undone Batman’s mecha-quartz movement makes it virtually undetectable on the wrist. In addition, titanium is hypoallergenic, which makes it unlikely to trigger a skin allergy. Many companies claim to make luxury affordable, and while that is typically just marketing speak, it may be true in this instance (no pun intended). Undone used a material commonly found in expensive Richard Mille/Hublot watches.

Lumi is included in The Undone Batman: Caped Crusader as well. Undone doesn’t specify the type of lume it employs, but it is evident that two different types have been used. It has an ice blue color for the hands and indices reminiscent of BGW9 lume. In contrast, the Batman sub-dial and the radar motif have a pigment similar to Superluminova C3: a greenish tint. I was impressed to see the Batman sub-dial, and the radar theme lumped.

Overall, the Undone Batman’s features are reasonable, given its cost. Although the lack of a sapphire crystal is disappointing, the Grade 2 Titanium Casing, the mecha-quartz Seiko VK64 movement, the excellent cordura strap, and the two different lume kinds are all reasonably outstanding.

Design for Undone Batman

The Undone Batman’s design is undoubtedly its calling card.

Let’s start by discussing the dial. Fans of DC will be familiar with The Dark Knight’s famous color palette of black and yellow. Undone has adhered to it with the dial. The dial is primarily black but has some cleverly placed yellow accents. I like the yellow outline around the tachymeter scale and the 24-hour sub-dial. Moreover, there is a yellow chronograph sub-dial and second hand. Those with keen eyes will also notice that the tachymeter scale’s 80 is in yellow to celebrate Batman’s 80th birthday. Read More

Aside from the lettering at midnight. The chronograph sub-dial on the left may be the most evident homage to the Guardian of Gotham City. The sub-dial there was created by Undone to imitate an earlier version of the Batman logo. This warms the cockles of my heart because I’m a huge Batman fan (I watched the complete Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy, and I still believe it to be the best comic book movie series ever made). To borrow a word from one of my favorite politicians. The modest radar patterning is also rather clever and pays homage to one of Batman’s most recognizable tools. Applied indices give the dial depth and a stealthy appearance at other places.

Batman “Caped Crusader” and Batman “Dark Knight” engage in a shootout.

You’re probably thinking about the Undone Batman “Dark Knight” if you’re thinking about the Undone Batman “Caped Crusader.” As DC Comics has approved only so many Batman watches, I’ll only be contrasting these two watches today.

With only a few slight variations, the specifications of the two watches are nearly identical. The Caped Crusader, for starters, has a strap made of black Cordura, But the Dark Knight has a dressier alligator-embossed strap. Second, although the Dark Knight only employs one kind of lume, the Caped Crusader uses two.

The two watches’ looks are really where they diverge from one another. The Dark Knight features a more subdued, monochromatic aesthetic. The Caped Crusader, in comparison, has a more dramatic aspect and more contrast in its design. Regarding comic books, the Caped Crusader is more of a Batman. Whereas the Dark Knight is more of a Bruce Wayne. The Dark Knight will work better for you if you want a more understated style (one that only sometimes makes you think of Batman). The Caped Crusader is the best option if the goal of buying a commemorative Batman watch is for it to scream Batman. I think the Caped Crusader is a better choice.


Is the Batman who was Undone a “shiok” or not?

The Undone Batman watches are surely slick for fans of Batman. It has a beautifully crafted design that honors. The Gotham City hero in a respectful way that isn’t tacky or juvenile. The Undone Batman’s Grade 2 Titanium case. The use of two different types of lume satisfies me regarding the watch’s features. Overall, the Undone Batman is a fantastic commemorative timepiece that will appeal to both watch lovers and fans of the superhero.

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