Hrithik Roshan Songs, Movies, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, & Family

Hrithik Roshan Songs, Movies, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, & Family

Hrithik Roshan, an Indian actor, is best known for his roles in the movies “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai,” “Kaba Bhi Kabhie Gham,” and “Koi… Mil Gaya.” Roshan has established himself with more than 30 films to his name. One of Bollywood’s top actors is Roshan. He could be the artist in India who receives the highest pay. He is also renowned for his amazing physical prowess, winning 16 IIFA Awards and six Filmfare Awards. From birth in Mumbai, India, Roshan anticipated a career as a performer. He attended classes and participated in music and dance performances. It’s all about the songs, wife, movies, net worth, and biography of Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan biography

Real NameHrithik Roshan Nagrath
Date of Birth January 10, 1974
Age48 Years
WifeSussanne Khan
ProfessionActor, YouTuber, Film actor
Nationality India
Net Worth$30 Million

Hrithik Roshan Childhood and Family

Hrithik Roshan was born to Rakesh and Pinky Roshan on January 10, 1974, in Mumbai, India. His father is a well-known boss, creator, and former performer in the Hindi entertainment industry. Roshan’s sister Sunaina is better prepared than Roshan. He appeared as a young performer in the 1980 Hindi show movie “Aasha,” where he anticipated playing a supporting part. He additionally made an appearance in one or two films. When he was young, he decided to pursue a career as a performer full-time. His father acknowledged that he should focus on his exams, nevertheless.

He went to Mumbai’s “Sydenham School.” He earned a lengthy advanced degree while studying abroad. He took part in live demonstrations and dance performances as a student. Learn More

He has Bengali and Punjabi ancestry on his father’s side. Ira Roshan, Hrithik’s paternal grandmother, was Bengali. Rakesh Roshan’s mother, Pinky, is the daughter of the founder and boss Om Prakash, while his father, cinema mogul Rakesh Roshan, is the son of music mogul Roshanlal Nagrath. Rajesh is both a writer of essays and a musician. He attended the Bombay Scottish School for his education. Sunaina, Roshan’s sister, is more established. Roshan has a place in a Hindu household, but he views himself as more powerful than strict.

Hrithik Roshan Professional Career

Hrithik Roshan’s career as a Bollywood performer began as a little boy. His father, Rakesh Roshan, hired him to play a young laborer in one of his well-known movies. Hrithik has been interested in acting since childhood and used to be excellent at it. Hrithik Roshan has received many honors for his special efforts. Hrithik debuted as an actor in the 1980 movie “Asha” as a “kid expert.” His most acclaimed performance is still “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai”. Hrithik and his father worked together as a team boss on four films.

Hrithik has also taken part in a few dance competitions. He has learned how to dance, ride a horse, compose music. in addition to acting and swordplay. He has been in a few notable films, although they might have done more to further his career. However, academics have lauded his acting talent. In the 1980s, he shared leadership responsibilities with his father, Rakesh Roshan. Here is a lovely fact: Hrithik Roshan used to assist on set by cleaning the sets and giving tea to the actors.

Hrithik Roshan Social Media Profile


Hrithik Roshan Personal Life

Roshan struggled a lot in his early years, but his language training aided him afterward. He spent a long time struggling with it. They couldn’t move because his Scoliosis wasn’t severe when They were young. Nevertheless, despite his success, he also distinguished himself as one of Bollywood’s top craftsmen. He married Sussanne Khan, his steadfast love, in 2000. The couple’s two children, Hreehan and Hridhaan, were born in 2006 and 2008, respectively. Sussanne and Hrithik split up in 2013 and were estranged in 2014. His co-star in “Krish 3,” Kangana Ranaut, was rumored to have extramarital affairs with Hrithik.

Hrithik Roshan Net Worth

He was well-known for his artistry and performances in Bollywood movies. Hrithik Roshan’s estimated net worth is $30 million. Mumbai, India, is the birthplace of Hrithik Roshan. On January 10, 1974, he was known for his flexibility, dedication, and charisma. He typically made a few cinematic appearances as a teenager in the 1980s. His performance in Kaho Naa garnered him the 2000 Filmfare Award for Best Male Presentation and Best Performer. His most remarkable and significant cinematic debut was Pyaar Hai.

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